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There are many reasons why a person may want to sell their home. There are also many reasons why people are looking to buy homes.

Booked for Real Estate Photography?

Here's a few tips to prepare a home for a great photo shoot:

-Remove from sight any personal items inside or outside the home

-Remove small area rugs = more perceived space!

-Turn all lights inside and outside the home on!

Here is a photo from a backyard during the morning hours, highlighting the scenery and private deck. The proximity to the ocean was highlighted in the drone videos taken to help promote the sale of this property.

The secret to finding the best angle of the space available is left to the photographer. My goal is to enable the potential buyers to project themselves into the home through dynamic photos and virtual video walk throughs.

Professional camera and lighting equipment, a keen eye, and persistence makes for great photos and videos- so you can turn a seemingly average home into something a potential buyer will drop their jaw at.

Drones allow for breath taking aerial views and passes once only a dream for the average home owner or real estate agent to have access to. "It's a necessary game changer."

The total amount of photos usually depends on the size of the house or the amount of rooms being photographed, and could range anywhere from 10-50 photos and 1-4 hours on-site.

Photo / Video Packages:

Standard: 10-20 photos / 30 second edited aerial video

Premier: 30-50 photos / 30 second edited aerial video

Platinum: 30-50 photos / 30 second edited aerial video / 30 second edited virtual tour

Diamond: 30-50 photos / optional 30 second edited aerial video

3-5 minute aerial video-virtual tour edited / twilight photo

Drone Photo / Video only: No indoor photos

Shots of the surroundings can greatly boost a property value close to oceans, lakes, parks, town centers, forests, and more. Aerial tours produce a sense of how the home fits in to the community, neighborhood, and ultimately the entire town.

Twilight shoots are done at dusk / sunset and capture the glow of all lights turned on inside the house matched with the fading lights from the sun and the oncoming night sky.

Click here to see how this shoot was enhanced using aerial footage, virtual tour, and some music at request of the home owner. Cheers!

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