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Outdoor Foliage Photos

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Outdoor Wide Angle Photo in Monroe, NJ 

The next step in the process was to take all of the various video clips, and edit it together with profesionally recorded audio to create a captivating video for customers to learn more about their business including their history and how they can help them meet their various needs today.

Here is the final video from the collaboration. It encorporates film taken from a professional SLR camera on ground level, drone photos and videos, and professional recorded audio voice overs. The website and telephone contact info is displayed throughout the video to create a call to action from interested viewers. Videos can include scripted audio and video recording, b-roll, candid photos and videos, and testimonials.

The photos from the shoot can be trickeled in slowly to the social media feed versus uploading the entire group at once.

This can make the photos last longer, giving the owner more opportunities to provide fresh media to their viewers.

Take initiative in creating a fresh new look for your busines. Take the first steps in updating your social media and website by booking online now!

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