• Michael Vincent

The Lecture Circuit

Creating educational videos from seminars is a great way to maximize the exposure from the effort it takes to put on a program. While giving a lecture, professional video can be recorded as well as professional audio. If you are giving a power point lecture, your slides can be super-imposed onto the screen in the final video, making it look clean and crisp, enlarging the presentation to fill the screen at times and using arrows, underlines, and other focal points to direct the viewer to the information being presented.

Here we use a green screen to film a lecture, then import a background and the slides from the powerpoint presentation to create an educational video which can be filmed just about anywhere. The only consideration is to make sure it's somewhere quiet enough to record the audio without disturbances and background noise such as traffic, electronic appliances, or other people working.

The best way to record audio for a scenario like this is with a lavalier microphone, which clips onto the shirt or jacket of your speaker. This can be used for many different including documentaries, but if you were fliming something like a short film you wouldn't want this to be seen, so you would need a shotgun microphone. I use a shotgun microphone just off screen about 2-3 feet away from my speaker in conjunction with the lavalier mic, which gives me a nice dynamic sounding voice. Professional audio is recorded seperately from the camera, and paired in post production. This takes extra time but it is definitely worth it. Most cameras have an onboard microphone, but it is no match for professional audio equipment, especially for this type of application.

Here is a screenshot from a presentation by Jay Oza. Jay is a professional executive coach and speaker.

Heres a link to a full length video we made in Newark, NJ about how to get a good, high paying job... Today! Jay and I used these same recording techniques to make this video.

Please contact us about your educational video with professional audio today!

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